ABOUT Whatsblog


Whatsblog it's a hot new social network platform for Influencers to connect to each other and top brands. If you are looking to host sponsored posts, giveaways and review fresh new products through your blog, Instragram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube Whatsblog is the place for you.

The mission at Whatsblog is to create a fun, friendly and stylish community for influencers around the world. When a influencer joins Whatsblog you are given the opportunity to try new products and offer great giveaways to your readers at no cost to you. While a Brand joining Whatsblog has a world of influencers at their fingertips, ready to help spread the word about your products.

Influencers at Whatsblog join for free and right away can start connecting with brands about their new products and other influencers to help give you inspiration for new content on your blog. Brands that join Whatsblog do so for a minimal fee but gain access to top influencers that will help expand their brand reach. There is something for everyone at Whatsblog with genres including: Fashion, Art, Travel, Food, Home Décor and many more!

The Whatsblog Team